The two-way portable Wireless Audio Transceiver (WAT) WAT-01TW system consists of an audio transmitter and a set of transceivers. The guide can speak to the transmitter and visitors can hear from the receivers. When a visitor presses a button on the receiver, he can speak to the handset and all the others in the group will hear him. At the same time, the guide can still speak. It allows two people to speak at the same time and the people in one group can interact with each other. It is very good for factory tour guide. We also provide a earhanging receiver for this model. This earhanging receiver can only Receive sound, but not talking. This means, in a group, two guide can speak simultaneously and other people can use the earhanging receiver to listen to them.
Salient features:

  • Limitless amount of wireless receivers for each transmitter.
  • Two way transmission allows people in one group to interact. Allow two people to talk at the same time.
  • Wider band allows crystal clear sound transmission.
  • Advanced microchips to ensure very little noises and compact size.
  • High-Tech Rechargeable Lithium battery with large capacity.
  • 250 meters range from the transmitter to receivers.
  • 23 independent channels.
  • Easy to use multi-port battery charger.

Product Details

Distance 250 m (open ground without interference)
Weight 60 grams including rechargeable Lithium battery
Product Type Digital
Power Supply 3.7 V Rechargeable Lithium battery, 17 hours life
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Sensitivity -95 dBm
Dimension 83mm x 58mm x 18mm
Model Number WAT-01TW
Wire type Wireless
Wave band 759-928MHZ
Output Power 15 dBm
Output 3.5 earphone/audio
Number of channels 23 independent channels.
Input 3.5 mm microphone/audio
Frequency Response 40Hz- 5kHz
Frequency Deviation +/-75kHz






EXTERNAL SPEAKER (compact low profile;3.5 mm plug)


EXTERNAL SPEAKER (40 W max input,requires KAP-2)